​ This past Saturday night, Brenda hosted the Banner debut of a fantastic Sixties-tribute band, Billy and the Goats. Watching these guys set up equipment before taking the stage in front of their entourage of very attractive female supporters, had me thinking I was in for some type of AARP or Cialis commercial. By the second song, they had me hook, line and sinker, as a last-minute stop for a quick one turned into an entire evening of front-row, world-class live rock and roll. The band is comprised of four seasoned musical professionals who ran through three sets of pre-1970 greats that left the dancing Banner faithful in awe. The band starts the introduction by  passing the talent torch around the stage, showcasing the incredible ability, versatility,  and know-how of this amazing  four-man band.  They present beautiful reproductions of some of the greatest early Rock and Roll songs ever recorded.  The Goats displayed magnificent melodies, masterful guitar picking, and hair-raising harmonies – all embedded with youthful enthusiasm and the confidence, charisma and charm of experience, along with some first class comedy..... Billy and the Goats are the perfect match for the Banner, bringing first-rate, high-quality entertainment to working-class stiffs at a price that they all can afford.

                                                                                      Rockland News                                                                                                   Nov. 19, 2012

​​​​​Billy and the Goats was the entertainment for our company's 50th Anniversary Party for 200+ attendees. Since we started our company in 1965, we thought it would be appropriate to have a 60's Band. Our theme was the "The 60's saw some great groups, but ours still rocks on." Wow! and that's just what Billy's Band did.

It was exceptional entertainment. They had the group singing, dancing and totally enjoying the music of the 60's.

 I have to say, Billy was very engaging from the start.

He made sure we reviewed their huge playlist and picked out exactly what we liked for tunes, and he was in tuned with our requirements and details. The band arrived extra early to set up and were super friendly and we could tell that they were there to have a good time also.

They are truly a gem in the sea of many bands.

Billy and the Goats, we can't thank you enough for an exceptional evening and we are looking for an occasion to celebrate again with you.

                                    Suburban HVAC  2015

Gentlemen, You were absolutely terrific last night at Tinker's Son. The harmonies, the guitar craft, the precision of the arrangements - all fantastic. And it was SO MUCH FUN! Happy New Year you lucky Goats..

                            Chuck McDermott                                

                                                   Jan 1, 2015